Learning android with Udemy

A couple of days ago I started to take a free online course for Android at Udemy (https://www.udemy.com/learn-by-doing-android-for-beginners), I have a lot of background on taking online courses but so far I have never finished one.

By the end of last year I was following various online tutorials, looking some articles and other resources, so far I have seen almos everything but none of them had fullfil my spectations.

I don't remember how I get into the Udemy course, but so far (I'm at 50% of the course to date) I feel that this course is pretty clear, concise (for someone who had some years of experience in development), an pretty to the point. Don't expect something advance (at least to the 50%), but is a nice tutorial for beginers in the world of android as me.

I highly recommend this course, and now I'm looking forward to finish it and start another one from them.

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